Things To Do in Vizag{A 4 Day Budget Guide}

Hai From Vizag,

It’s a  Cool Random Night in December 2018, Received a Call From Gopi(Friend) Asking,

Shall we Plan a Tour to Coorg in January 2019?

Firstly, Thanks to Whatsapp For Bringing the Group Video Call Update as I Added 2 of my other Friends to the Same Call. After an Hour or So,  The Final Answer was Ok Done! What About The Exact Date? Moreover, a WhatsApp Group with 10+ Members was Born that night to discuss the Plan.

Days Passed…

But There is no Single Update Regarding the Trip. Here Comes My Frustrating Soul into the Play. After a lot and Lot of Discussions, Tour Plan Was Changed to Vizag And Yes Due to Budget Issues. So Here I will be narrating the memories which we had in Vizag, in the Most Possible Entertaining way as it had Happened.

Why to Choose Vizag?

Google itself Terms Vizag as “East Goa” 🙂 Not Convinced yet?

Here are the Reasons why we Choose Vizag as Our Very First Trip in 2019.

  • Budget Friendly.
  • 4-5 Days are Good Enough to Explore Each and Everything in Vizag.
  • Araku Valley in Winter especially is Dope.
  • As Usual, the Combination of Mountains and Beach Views are Lit.
  • Waterfalls and Caves, Literally I Never came across those till date.
  • Zoological Parks, Ghat Roads, and Hill Parks.
  • We had our Own Venture Janatha Riders(A Bike Rentals Company)in Vizag 🙂 which is backed by our Mate and Yes he invited us as well.

Apart from these, I planned to date with a known Local Girl. Who Won’t Love such Date in Vizag and that too in Winter!

Note: I am Not Going to Include directions and all as Using Google Maps is Easier.

What Kind Of People Will Love Vizag?

It is For All.

  • For Couples.
  • Groups.
  • Nature Lovers.
  • As Usual Beach Lovers.
  • Mountain Lovers.

It’s Better for Short Weekend Trips. Vizag is a City and All Locations can be covered in 3 days.

How to Reach Vizag?

A Noob Question!

As Vizag is Termed as the Smart City of Andhra Pradesh, It was connected to the Most number of places Through all Means of Transport.

An Airport,

A Railway Station and A Big Bus stand. So I hope There must be no worries about traveling to the place.

Just Hit the Paytm, IRCTC, Railyatri after choosing your Means of Transport.

Alright, we All Gathered, at Guntur and traveled to Vizag Through Bus (9+ Hours of Fucking Journey). However, a Group can Enjoy this Travel Time by Rewinding Old Memories and we do as well.

PS: I Personally Suggest you Check Offers while Booking Tickets even though you are FUCKING Rich.

Where to Stay in Vizag with a Limited Budget?

So We are in Vizag By 9 am.

Staying Near to Beaches and Hill Parks with a view is a dream for many. Fulfilling Dream is a Costly Thing now. One can Get them at decent Prices if they Book in Advance with some Offers.

Oyo, Airbnb, Goibibo are some of the better options to stay. Of Course, there are many, One can Get some Price Cut With Offers Here.

Coming to Us,

Oyo is Our Second Home;)!

No Need to Introduce Oyo as it was Quite Popular for Couple Friendly Thing These Days. We Simply  Booked 2 Oyo Rooms and Yes Somewhat Near to Beach(3km From RK Beach) without a view. Finally, we are into the hotel and First Day has Begun.

If you are willing to Stay a Night in Araku, Never go with so-called Oyo and Airbnb. I have some other Option to show and yes the featured image is our Home in Araku for a Day.

How to Rent a Bike in Vizag without a Security Deposit?

We Prefer Bikes to travel locally and So This Section is Included.

Renting a Good Bike at an affordable price is Really a pain in Our Ass. Here is how you can make it easy.

  • Head on to Or Call them at 063022 55655
  • Pick up the Bikes at Dwaraka Nagar, Vizag with Minimal Documentation which hardly takes 2 Minutes.
  • On Simply Search Them On Google Maps to get Directions.

Whatever it may be A vehicle is Must to Enjoy Maximum of this Financial Capital City.

Top Things To do in Visakhapatnam

I Will be Explaining Our Memories Day By Day Now. To be Frank, We Didn’t cover Some places around Vizag Due to Some issues. So this Article is a Half Baked Cake until Our Visit to Vizag.

Day 1 In Vizag – Booze Booze And Booze:

I Know It’s not a Great Deal to do here. Somehow we are More Interested in Drinks that Night. Hope There is nothing Much to Share Here.

A couple Of Chairs

Blenders Pride

Kingfisher Strom. That’s all about our first Night stay here.

Tip: Never Ever Rent a Vehicle on the First Day as Travellers Need a bit Rest even at least for a few Hours. Rentals are not going to bother about Your Plan Right?

Day 2- RK Beach, Sub Marine, Museum

Rama Krishna Beach in Vizag During Evenings.

RK Beach is the Most Populated and Popular Beach. Personally, I was a Bit Disappointed with the Atmosphere of the Beach. As Per Mouth of words I thought it might be more similar to Rock Beach (Pondicherry)and so Disappointed. However One need to Come Here as it was completely worthy.

We Are Just a Few KMs Away from the Shore. It Hardly Tooks us 5 mins to Reach It. What can I Say More about a Beach?

  • Couples Biting Their Ears
  • Families For Some Relaxation
  • Tourists Like Us

Some For Just Like That.

Nothing More.

  • Drinking is Prohibited Here
  • Never Expect For Privacy.
  • Don’t Look for Pairing as No one comes Here as Single expect You 😉

Finally, We Walked More than 2km To reach that So-called Sub Marine. It Looks like a big Toy For me and Yes People are allowed into it as it had a Mini Museum inside and Costs Few Bucks. Air Craft Museum is Somewhat Opposite to SubMarine.

Sorry As I am not going to Attach Pics of Those Here.

Finally, Don’t forget to have a Selfie/Photo at I Love Vizag Hoarding before Leaving RK Beach.

Room By Night, Bottles Opened. End of Day 2.

Day 3: Borra Caves and Ananthagiri

Good Day. Placed Covered on Day 2 are,

  • Damuku View Point
  • Borra Caves
  • Ananthagiri Hill Region.

One Honda Activa 5g, One Fz and Two Bajaj Pulsar From Janatha Riders,

Left the Bags in Room Itself, we Started Journey to Araku with Mobile Chargers and Tracks(Night Wear). Scooty Comes to handy To Keep them. Initially, we had no plan of staying at Araku That Night and You know it well, Planned Things didn’t come out well every time.

The distance between Araku and Vizag is some 110 to 120km and Ghat Roads Covers it Majorly. So We had Our Breakfast at  Local Hotels out there and Started Journey By 10 AM.

Of Course, There are Several Fun Stops During The Ride. Literally, Several which I can’t name everyone. Quotes By Government On Ghat Roads Impressed me and Here is One For you 😉

Bro’s Feel the Road Curves But Don’t Hug Them… 🙂

Damuku View Point: Damuku is the First View Point on Our Way and It was Near to Borra Caves. It’s Just a View Point From Top of the Hill Which is Next to Awesome for Photography.

{{ Personal Images will be Added Soon}}

Borra Caves:  Deviation of 6-8km from Araku Route is Must to Visit Borra and Katika Water Falls. Borra Caves are one of the Deepest Caves in Asia which are at a depth of 80m. The Irregular and Meaningful Shapes Formed By Secondary Mineral Deposits are Worthy to Visit. Wikipedia Explains you more About it Here.

Front View of Borra Caves,

It was Almost Evening. However, we loved the Cold winds and the Yummy Combination of Snow and Roads During Our Travel.

A Glimpse Of Our Bike Ride,

Warning: Katika Water Falls is 4 Km Away from Borra Caves and You need to walk at least 3km in Forest to enjoy the Beauty of waterfalls. So One Must Visit and Return By Evening. we visited it in our return Tour by Considering time.

Ananthagiri: Strictly for Trekking and Camping Purposes. Coffee Plantation and waterfall(Another One) Views are Photographic.  Camping in this area is a bit Expensive if compared to Araku. There are some camping teams which helps you to go through the forest for some Bucks. To be frank, We avoided Ananthagiri due to Ill less(we are Driving Since Morning).

After Getting Fucked with Cold Winds(Temperature is around 15 Degrees)We Reached Araku By 10 Pm.

How to Set Up Camp Fire in Araku Valley?

Probably the Most Searched/Worried Question By Nature Lovers who Loves,

  • Nature Camping.
  • Camp Fire and all Related Things.

No Doubt, There are Many Number of Hotels to stay, But the Thing Here is Camping. Skip the Part Happily if You are Looking for Luxury Hotels.

I Searched Like Hell Over Google and Staying recommendations are as Follows,

  • Airbnb Shows Nature Camping Options Which are Too Expensive For Us.
  • Oyo Rooms are not that Kickass.

The Open Truth is One can Easily Find Camping Tents For Budget in Araku Unless it’s a Season. January is also a Good Season to Visit Araku and we Found it EASILY.

This is Where we Stayed that Night WHICH Includes,

  • Two Bedrooms including Blankets(For 7 Members).
  • One Socket For Charging Purposes.
  • One Hall.
  • Chairs
  • Camp Fire
Our Stay In Araku Valley

No Worries as each and everything was arranged by them. To be frank it’s a scalable Business There. But the Issue is you need to Find the Budget One. Hit the Contact Form To Book the Same Tent.

Drinks, Bamboo Chicken, Music, Snow Fall, Camp Fire. That’s the Night at the Camp. A night Can’t be Greater than this I guess.

Warning: No Plastic Things are Available in Araku.

Day 4: Araku, Katika Water Falls, Coffee Plantations and Galikonda

Hangout and Rain. The Only Things Which Irritated us that Morning. For Rain Lovers Out there, we are on Bikes and without a rainout in winter Season.

Tip: Coffee, Sweet Corn, and Bamboo Chicken are Must Things to do Here. Local People Must be Appreciated for Selling.

Now we are Returning. We had a Glimpse of Araku i.e It’s a Small Town and Started Returning.

Galikonda View Point and Coffee Plantations: Galikonda is the Highest View Point in Vizag which Gives an Awesome View of Greenery in Valley. Coffee near Plantations and Bamboo Chicken in Hand at the ViewPoint makes this place as Heaven.

Katika Water Falls: Refer Day 3. It was Near Borra Village and There is No proper transport to reach it. Own Transport is Must as Local Transport are very expensive here. I bet It’s Nearly charge of a flight. The entry fee is minimal for parking and it’s a long way from the waterfall.

After Parking, One need to Walk 3km in the forest(There is no Route, Its Forest)to reach Water Falls. Locals will be There by Scaling Food on the way. Even we Thought to go back but in the end, it’s a Much Watch of Vizag Tour Which is Underrated…

View From Long is Not that Visible as It Was Covered By Forest.

Know about it by asking locals in Borra Village. If there is no flow of water, It’s not that Worth. Make Sure You are Good Enough to Walk For 3km
Katika WaterFalls

Day 5: Back To Vizag, Kailasgiri Ropeway, Rushikonda Beach and Zoo Park.

Back to Room after a long Ride. We Thought to Wrap the Local Places as Fast as we Can.

Firstly, We head on to Kailasgiri,

Kailasgiri: It’s a Hill Park Developed by Government. It is Famous for,

  • Lord Shiva and Parvati Idols.
  • A Good Spot for Sex, Romance, Illegal Relationships.
  • Titanic View Point.
  • Ropeway.

There are two ways to get in,

  1. One is Ghat Road with Minimal Entry Fee.
  2. Ropeway

Titanic View Point: It’s a viewpoint from the top of the Hill and is Called as Titanic View Point. It Looks like as Follows.

From Titanic View Point,

Ropeway: It is just a way to reach Hill Park and It Must be Experienced at least for once in Lifetime.

I am This Mountain Range as a Good Sex Sopt. At least a good place for Illegal Relationships and For Romance. Don’t Hesitate as it had some Good View Points and Ropeway as well.


You can See a Number of Couples (unbelievable)here in Bushes Having Romance and All. The thing They Didn’t bother about who is passing By. We tried Passing Through them and they are like it’s a room and no one is staring at them. (There is a viewpoint by side as well and it’s the reason).

Rushikonda Beach: One of the Pleasant beaches I had ever Seen. Peace and Calm. One can Prefer this Over Crowdy RK Beach.

Zoological Park: Nothing to say Much about Zoological Parks. We can have a Glimpse of Variety of Animals and Birds. To be frank, I thought as Kid for a while and had captured the most of the images. I bet it won’t disappoint you.

{{images of the Zoo animals will be accessed only by the Subscribers}}

I know we Didn’t Explore the Following Places which can be covered in Our Next Trip To Vizag.

Places we uncovered.
  • Yarada Beach.
  • Ramanaidu Studios.
  • Pubs.
  • Bheemli Beach Chaparai Near to Araku(20Km)

If you at these Places and are Willing to Contribute Hit a mail to [email protected]

So This is all ABOUT Our Vizag Tour.

Good Bye ! Meet You Again in June 2019 from Goa.

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