Money is Surely A need.

In Simple, Money is more Similar to Food and Water. One Can’t Live a Comfortable Life without Money.

This Doesn’t Mean Wealth Makes you happy, But I am Sure It Gives you More Freedom and Choices you Like.

I am Big Money Lover(Probably Most of you as well) and Completely Believes in the Following Quote,

Money Can’t Buy Happiness,But its Better to cry in a Car.

OK OK! Let me end it. Some time or All the Time 😛 We may run out of Money! Or At least we need some capital to do some Little Investments During Blogging or some other works.


Having A Kickass Business Idea and Looking for Own Investment and Instant Loans?

I Still Remember those Bad Days when my parents Used to Lend Some Money somewhere for some Interest and all this will be written on a Notary with the Required Signatures. And yes, The process still exists.

Here comes the real Problem, If we need some money no one is going to trust you and me to lend some 5 Figure Digit. Right? Here comes the Fintech Companies i.e Financial Technology.

What are the Fintech Companies?

The Firms which offer Finance through Online (Through Applications) with Minimal Documentation and Completes the Process in 24-72 Hours to give you an Instant Personal Loan.

You Heard it Right. One can Directly Take Loan From them Irrespective of Age.

Why Should I take Loan Online apart from my Parents and Friends?

Well! A Valid Question.

Reasons are Many. Let me List them in a Queue.

Good Enough! We, Will, Discuss More in Comments section.

Requirements to get an Instant Loan In India:

Did Fintech Companies Beleive you?

Absolutely No.

But They do Beleive in Banks and Transactions. Here are some Minimal Requirements to satisfy these Finance Startups.

That’s Enough.

No Source of Income? Don’t Worry We have some golden Rules for you at the end.

Best Instant Loan Apps in India

Note: There may be Many Apps which Provides Instant Personal Loans. But here I wanna pen down My experience with Fintech Apps.

So i will be Listing a few Apps through which I got some Loan. Comment down Your Sources so that I will Update the Article Accordingly.

1.Zest Money

Wait. It is Completely Different from Other Apps. Moreover, it’s not an Application(Only Web Version as of now). I wanna List it top for its Minimal UI and Ease while Approving a Loan.

First, you will be given a Credit Limit By Analyzing your Bank Statements. This credit is in the form of Vouchers which can be redeemed at some Popular E-Commerce Platforms.

Don’t worry you can convert your vouchers to Money.It Provides personal Loans as well.

The Best part is There is no Interest for some EMI Plans


For example, You got a credit of 10k and want to pay it in some 6 months.

Then one needs to pay some 1660Rs Every Month. Sometimes interest will be leaving with some EMI plans. Make sure that you check all the plans to select the Interest-free one.

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2.Dhani From India Bulls

I personally Didn’t Take Loan From Dhani Due to Its Policies and Processing Fee Process.

Dhani is an Android Application Provided by India Bulls. India Bulls Business Group is of the largest in Housing Finance.

Advantages of Fintech:

However, there are pros and cons to this Finance System. Some of the Notable Advantage are,

Disadvantages of Fintech:

This is the Otherside of the Game.

Will be Continued Soon…


September 2, 2018

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