GOA, It ’s one of the most popular tourist spot in India for its lovable beaches and mixed cultures.

As you are here, You might be probably searching for some tips to visit Goa.

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Without wasting much of our time we will let you know everything about Goa.

UNESCO claimed that “Goa Tour” is the most canceled Tour of all, after planning.

It’s Real !! Most of us always dream about “Goa Tour” in teenage and it never happens. Reasons may be many. Most of them are myths which you will know later in the article.

Fortunately, I visited Goa with a proper planning but sadly it’s like a half-baked cake for a hungry Human :(.

Till 2018 I visited Goa once and covered North Goa itself. The southern Guide Will be Written After My Experience.

A brief Summary Of Goa

As usual, we will start with the quick summary of the state. Goa is the smallest state in India which was located on the west coast and in western Ghats. It is included in 2 districts i.e North Goa and South Goa.

The state is known for its beautiful Beaches and historical epics as well. It is India’s one of the richest states with Highest per capita GDP (In short the total output of goa which is taken by dividing the number of people in the state).

Just Some Historic Touch to the Article to make a bit informative, According to Indian Epic Mahabharatham, Goa is known as Goparashtra or Govarashtra.

 Let me remind you the school days where we were taught about Vasco da Gama and these Portuguese things !! Remembered? Yes, Goa was ruled by Portuguese for a long time and Historic City Margao (Which was invaded by Portuguese) still exists where Portuguese culture is reflected. Later, It was ruled by many Indian kings and different dynasties.

Goa Is recommended for 

Yes, it is recommended for all.

You can check the places and beaches from the provided map below.

goa beach map

Credit: Wikitravel

Goa Points Of Interest

Visting Goa during the December is completely different from other timings as the new year was the crowd pulling event here.

I personally suggest you visit Goa In December.

Before knowing the actual plan you need to list out the places you want to visit.

According to me, There are many places to visit but the main thing is your time. First of all, you need to make sure about How many days are you going to spend in Goa? If it was around 7-10 days there is a chance to visit all place.I bet no one can enjoy/visit Goa successfully within 3-4 days.

Sadly We Completed Our Goa Tour Within 5 Days with an Expected Twist 🙁

As said Above, Goa had 2 districts i.e North Goa and South Goa

Places to Visit in North Goa

North Goa is 1700 Sq.KM and below are the must place to visit. Most of the markets and places are covered during beach travel as well.

North Goa is All About Casinos, Music, and Booze. If you are the one looking to enjoy late nights with music then North Goa will be your pic. Most of the foreigners prefer North Goa to Booze.

Ignore the Title If you Love Casinos 😉

Vagator Beach– Known for its rock structures in beach and popularized due to sunburn. We Didn’t Visit the Beach.

Anjuna Beach -Beach of Photography. Usually, a beach is a place where someone plays in Water and here it is different.No one is allowed to take a tip here.

Just Wear your Shorts or some low Dresses, Get into Water with a Selfie Stick and Click it. That’s it in Anjuna.

Calangute Beach-Queen of beaches(Suggested to stay on Dec 31st Night).You can shop for handicrafts Here.

I bet that you Won’t Beleive your Eyes.

We stayed at the beach for complete night i.e 31 December 2016 along with some 3-4Lakh People :-O

Sinquerim Beach-Recommended for water sports.

Candolim Beach -Suggested for couples. It’s no man beach.

Arambol Beach-A beach to enjoy perfect sunsets during evenings and Bird lovers must visit this one.

Mandrem Beach-It is not so crowded. If privacy matters, welcome to Mandrem 😉

Aguada Fort– Portuguese built the house and now used as the jail. Don’t miss the view from the lighthouse.

Mae De Deus  Chruch– Architecture stunns.

Bogdeswara Temple– A visit to offer worship.

Casinos– There are many casinos in north Goa.Hope you won’t play to spend money.

Mapusa Market – A market where you can get things for cheap.

Places to Visit in South Goa

Will be Continued Till then have a Glimpse of Dudhsagar which was Shot during our Train Journey.


September 2, 2018

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